JVS-TGT-F3 Thermometer Gate

Key Features:

•Temperature accuracy±0.3°

Non-contact temperature detection and broadcasting

Calibrate according to environment and alarm temperature settable

Support alarm for abnormal temperature;

•Support custom voice alarm

•7 Inch operation LCD screen, new debugging program interface, easy to understand operation;

•Detecting fast, passing fast and more efficient

Product Detail

Product Tags


Application scenario

Suitable for factories, subways, airports, schools, stations, shopping malls, gyms, office buildings and other venues


Temperature Measurement mode Non-contact automatic measurement
Measuring Part Forehead or Wrist
Temperature Measurement Distance 3-5cm
Temperature Measurement Accuracy ±0.3°
Temperature Measurement Repeatability ±0.5%
Temperature Measurement Time 3S
Alarm For Abnormal Temperature Support
Custom Voice Alarm Support
Temperature Calibration Calibrate according to environment and alarm temperature settable
Data Statistics Support Passing People and Alarm times
working voltage AC90V240V 5060Hz
Power Waste < 15W (minimum power consumption)
Location 6-18 area
Sensitivity 0 ~ 999 adjustable
Working Temperature 15-30
Weight 53KG

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