AI Thermal Camera JVS-FRT-DL08


AI Thermal Camera JVS-FRT-DL08 released by Jovision is widely used to detect human body temperature and find people suspected of infections of Covid-19 in public areas such as schools, hotels, shopping malls, stations, hospitals, airports, office lobbies, factories, etc.


With advanced AI algorithm, JVS-FRT-DL08 can also detect visitors wearing mask or not and offer reminding to wear a mask, which supports to fight against Covid-19.


The cutting-edge technology from Jovision makes the temperature detection accuracy up to ±0.3 ℃. Besides, the temperature detection distance can be as far as 5 meters, and it can detect up to 20 people simultaneously. All make JVS-FRT-DL08 a quite efficient system and the testing efficiency can be more than 100 persons/min.


To make it more user-friendly, Jovision engineers have innovatively made JVS-FRT-DL08 possible to be connected directly with monitor through HDMI cable. No need PC and No need NVR, which is more cost-saving for users.


Surely, if users need to manage on PC, we provide professional VMS with your local language. The VMS supports viewing, recording of the video and can also count visitors detected and give data of how many visitors with abnormal temperature.


Unlike products from other suppliers, this product testing accuracy is quite stable even if environment temperature changes a lot.
Nowadays, this model has been chosen by customers from Germany, Japan, USA, Korea,Italy etc. which fully proves the product reliability and competitiveness.


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AI Thermal Camera JVS-FRT-DL08 1 AI Thermal Camera JVS-FRT-DL08

Post time: 04-02-2021

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