JVS-FRT-P8 Supports for Reopening

Jovision Temperature Detection & Mask Detection& Facial Recognition 3-in-1 system JVS-FRT-P8 have been chosen by customers worldwide to support for reopening from lockdown.

This system has combined high-precise temperature detection technology and Jovision advanced AI technology for mask detection and facial recognition.

With meticulous design from Jovision experienced engineers, this system can be used standalone and can be integrated with access control system as well.

It has been widely used by Hotel, banks, offices, schools, stations, hospitals, factories etc. to detect visitors’ body temperature and to require visitors wearing masks.

For details of this product, you can write Email to: info@jovision.com

JVS-FRT-P8 Supports for Reopening1

Post time: 02-06-2020

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