Jovision in Intersec 2018

Intersec, the largest professional security expo in Middle East, was held on 21nd January 2018 in Dubai. It lived up to its expectations and with the overwhelming participation throughout the exhibition made it a truly worthy event for all the security industry players.

Leading the Global Era of IP Products1

At the very beginning of the important year for its globalization strategy, Jovision shown up in the exhibition with 4 blockbusting products—Smart IP, VOS X, Wi-Fi Kit and 4K H.265. The products and strength exhibited by Jovision were recognized by the market and gained the affirmation from many customers.

The tide of IP globalization is coming

As is known to all, the popularity of IP products in China has been well developed, varies of differentiated application of IP products can be found everywhere. But in some countries, IP products are still being developed because of its backward network infrastructure. “Smart IP” series aimed at these situation, trying to push the tide of IP popularity to the whole world!


So many customers were attracted to the “Smart IP” area for its new technologies: Fast-boot camera, Dual-light camera, 4K, H.265 and so on, which has made an impression on the visitors.

The dual-light products support three different monitoring mode: B/W night vision, Colorful night vision and smart night vision, which can provide vivid colorful night video for many different scene.

VOS X: Concise but not simple

We did a lot of user research and competitive analysis for VOS X, by using flat menu design, new human-computer interaction and concise logical structure, finally form the unique UI feature of Jovision, providing the best user experience.

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In a word, Jovision will keep developing and perfecting these four series products, try to provide customers with a smart and easy lifestyle.

Jovision cut a brilliant figure during the 3 important days in Intersec, we interacted with very high number of existing and potential clients, got lots of orders and learnt from industry stakeholders. We will do our best to provide constant vitality to CCTV field, keep leading and creating.

Leading the Global Era of IP Products4

Recall the eventful past years, Jovision kept ascending in globle market, and we firmly believed that, with the deepening of “the Belt and Road Initiative”, Jovision will spare no effort to.

Post time: 04-12-2018

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